Wedding Bliss – Erwinna PA/Flemington NJ

The magik of passion, love & devotion fogged the air on that beautiful Saturday at Tincum park, in Erwinna Pa. As the swarm of people began to enter the historical barn, decorations placed strategically about, carefully embellished & in perfect order to its delicate frame, the ambiance was set, the sheer gladness and utter excitement rung through each kiss, hug and hand shake. Each table setting was distinctively arranged, with memorabilia significant to the bride and groom.   Romance whirled through the air like a foreign language not yet spoken.  Everyone anticipates the brides arrival, including the handsome, overwrought  groom, standing tall and strapping, his smile enduring, awaiting his beloved’s grace. The forecast called for heavy rain, chilly and slightly drone that day but God’s masterful hand, stole the dark clouds and painted a canvas of a soothing, warm wind & calming splashes sunshine.

The bride enters the room, quite and ready. Her face was ridden with emotion and at any given time, ready to shed those long-waited happy tears. Hand in hand, they vow. Family and friends gather close. Moments are being captured at every angle…

And the kiss…

Happily. Ever. After.

The reason this was so special, special enough for me to write about was because not only do I know them personally, but they are genuine, true spirits whose love for life & people is far more vast than anyone I know and it shows without a doubt. God Speed both of you! ❤

Silent Shudder Photography Silent Shudder Photography

Let me speak of the park. Beautiful, almost forbidden Tinicum park, just along the Delaware river. There is so much to do, to see. A field of Frisbee golf , a large playground for the children, an area to camp and much more. For those of you who are thinking about your next venture up North, Bucks County in the Fall is a perfect place to find everything your looking for in your vacation setting. with so much of it’s abandoned historic places, your sure to keep the children educated even on vacation!

Flemington NJ – We stayed a night and shopped around the quaint little town of Flemington. With the exception of the poorly chosen hotel, we did however find the most amazing, authentic Italian eatery. I am from NY and it’s hard to beat the New Yorkers (even though the states are in very close proximity from one another) when it comes to Italian food. Alfanso’s Restaurant is the name of this gold mine. This little place is located just next door to the Travel Inn that we stayed at that night/day, in North Flemington NJ. I would have to say that even though the Travel Inn was not as it was promised to us, the convenience of having some fine dining within our reach made up for it. The cannoli’s are to die for, by the way.

Next on our list of explorations were the shopping centers, believe or not. I am partial to the normality of shopping when I enter a new city but I had heard great things about Liberty Village Premium Outlets and decided to take and early morning stroll through. It’s very cute! The way they have it set up is just like a tiny village, only with store front instead of housing. They have 40 stores, a few include Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein and more. The prices were beyond reasonable and the people in each store were very friendly. I can see why it was so highly recommended!

Although our trip was short and sweet, It was well worth the drive and rush. I recommend both cities, Flemming NJ and Erwinna Pa. They both have equally unique pockets of luxury, you just have to be willing to brave the nice, scenic country drives ❤


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