I am writing a novel…

This is what I have begun to write thus far, a rough draft, really. Still in the editing stages. It will be completed and publish in early 2012.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome 🙂

Fresh and new. Autumns first cool day. The windy afternoon’s chill sweeps delicately passed my cheeks, lips, eyes. I find comfort in this. A blanket of warmth from the illustrious sun, consoles me, gently, like a sweeping arm of comfort across my back. Everything seems so clean; so serene right now. On dirty, rusty railroad tracks I sit amongst singing crickets, humming my love song loud and clear. At ease with natures story so vibrant and aware. I take a long swig of water through a bottle, feeling the soothing caress of the cleansing liquid nourishing me within. It’s significance make me think. I have challenged fate many a time, dragging moral through tempestuous rain and into the billow of the ocean. All the more, selfishly misleading my good company as intuition throws her weary hands to the sky, in anguish and defeat.

 I do feel it, though. Absolute. The stretch of illusion that inhabits my soul for long moments.

Not enough remorse to cry, not just yet. Strangely enough, content has set his hand upon my shoulder. I breathe, and for the first time in a while, feel complete.

Nature sends me reminders of baby birds, new fall flowers beginning to open with each moment and colorful leaves falling from old trees. I cup my lower stomach with my cold hand and smile, thanking God. A surreal, new kind of love passed through me like a jolt of electricity. The feeling of carrying a small human being in my body, was powerful. The thought that everything I do and say and feel and think, passes right through to this little ever growing, existence, I now encompass. From that moment on, nothing else mattered.


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