Minneapolis Minnesota.

What can I say. Where such divine, rich with flavors of all sorts of multifarious life walking the streets, flocking the parks and sipping tea in hip cafes. Only being able to enjoy a week and a half, I was able to see the simple sides within the downtown area of north Minneapolis and even some small towns outside of Minneapolis (which were my favorite parts to visit!).

It was a quiet, low key kind of week for my friend and I.  Avoiding the bar scene and touristy shopping malls, we instead, taking in the beauty of Fall in the Midwest, drove around Young America and into a little town called Waconia. I am in love with this town, Waconia. It is small, but it is historical and sits directly on Lake Waconia. The houses are old Victorian and made out of Stucco (a type of durable, weather proof material only really found in the warmer climates)! This is especially interesting to me because, being that I usually fly back and forth from South Florida, I am only used to seeing them being built there.  It is  a clean and happy town to reside and the best part is it seems that the medical industry (doctors, physiologist etc;) seem to love it  here too! I contemplated looking for a nice home in Waconia, in the near future.

My friend made absolute sure I was not going to miss Mocha Monkey cafe. I reflect back to our conversations before I decided to visit, that she would reiterate the importance of taking me there. Now I know! The country decor draped outside of this old historical house. The inside of this cafe and lounge had comfy couches and tables. Lots of delicious, freshly made coffee ranging from lattes, cappuccinos and even chai and teas. Baked goods and sandwiches are made on the pot to reserve freshness and after 7pm, the beer and wine bar opens to the public.  You can have your pick at anywhere would like to sit upstairs because, let me tell you, there is lots of room! Get cozy near in recliner with a good book from off one of the shelves or just play an old fashion aboard game.

Taste the beauty of one of Minnesota’s small town cafe/lounge!

So, needless to say my time there was most fulfilling. I expected a completely different experience, like going out to the hip hot spot or spending hours at trendy coffee shops and meeting new people but the sheer enjoyment was actually spent in our own backyard, country roads, good chit chat and meeting family.

I say, there is plenty of time to ‘party hard’ next venture in early 2012 😉



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