The Traveling Mum ~

So much has been happening since I last wrote. I still don’t count any one place my home, at least not now. Between my family in NY, OH and FL, I have only been able to travel that far. I am now almost 9 months pregnant and I have taken a huge rest with training my clients and minimal travel. All things on hold until after I recover.

While I have been in the luxury of the sunshine, mangoes and salty sea water, I couldn’t help but create this facade of motherhood and ”It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” mental state. Would I taste the sweet sensations of new places? As I wondered through baby clothing and looking at older pictures of myself, alone and happy and in shape, I regressed into a mope….How could I not!?!? I’m a nomad by heart and soul and now I have a child to take care of. Of COURSE I had no optimistic view whatsoever…that and the increase in hormonal change…

But then it happened. I decided that there has got to be another woman out there in the world wide web that feels this exact way and I was about to find her. Low and behold (–drum roll puh-leeze–)…I found her! Well, I found several amazing women (and husbands, believe it or not!) who touches upon this very subject. I was at peace. Finally. Even though I knew deep down that I can still have my life, this is still new to me. I still needed reassurance. And I have it! It’s places like ”Baby Loves To Travel” and ”Traveling Mom” that screamed ”Get up and get out there with your new little man and explore the world just as you have done before. Your son will thank you later!”.  So, major props to these beautiful mums (and dads) who put their best foot forward and never let anything tie them down.

I’m positive it is tough but it is something that can still happen, for those of us who’s blood run’s thick with a love for travel –even if travel is the next state over ❤

Baby Loves To Travel

Traveling Mom


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