Traveler Winds

I guess it is popular to go through periods of ‘flat-line’ inspiration, especially during pregnancy. I haven’t written consistently, meditated as much and felt the need to be completely ‘alone’.  I haven’t been able to travel in months, even if it was just Boston or NY. I’m getting rusty. Thanks to a dream I had last night, I am now getting the taste of freedom once again. Healing time is what is going to drag on but during that time, I will surely book my next flight out…

I can’t wait to start reaching the world again. one thing that has been tough is convincing ‘the normal people’ how this can be done and still take care of myself and a child. Gosh if they only knew..

No explanation I have is good enough nor will ever be. One person helped change my perspective:

“My mother was upset because I had just given birth 2 days before I decided to go canoeing on the lake with my newly born daughter..she said  ‘Are you crazy! you just gave birth!” to which I replied, ‘Yes…this wont stop me from continuing my life as it was and including my daughter..’ ”

And I already know this but I am looking forward to saving the best parts for my son as he journeys with me. Next year? Naples and Sicily Italy, where part of my heritage rests.




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