Wedding in NY

Ah. The even-flow of reckless wonder. another beautiful trip into the sunset, up North into divine Spring. And what a weekend for a wedding. This time as I sail the vast open sky toward my haimish little home town, I bare with me my cub; Elijah. I had such fear about bringing him so young (4 weeks) onto a plane and then amongst different people for a large amount of time, that I was almost not going to go. Glad I didn’t make that fear decide for me.

As I watched my best friend, walk down the aisle to meet her fiance, I cried and reflected upon all our years together as friends. How we dreamed of this moment, especially her since she waited a very long time for the right one. And this is what happens when you wait. You get what God wants to give you! at least, this is what I am thinking to myself, as I, new mom, take care of a baby by myself and hope that the father will soon have a good plan in store for us. But the weather. Oh, how the rain held out and the sun reared her luminous face over the quiet church and reception hall. My son was so quiet all throughout the day that no one even knew he was there.

It was an endearing day and being a bridesmaid was one of the most special and sacred duties that I could’ve been asked to be. Enjoy the photos ~ImageImageImage


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