Where does the time go ??

I often contemplate about how I should spend my time. Im human. and I am selfish. who isn’t ? After all, I have a nice place to live, a wonderful family and I am able to mother my first child. Sometimes, I get so caught up in arguing with a loved one that I feel helpless as though those thing really matter. Well, it doesn’t. When I stand back and put everything into perspective, I realize the very few that does matter in this life– at least for me that is. Having my son, never dwindled the flame in me.

The flame that screams to help another child or someone who can not help themselves albeit in my own hometown or another country. It’s really whatever/wherever Jesus sends me…and my son. He will get to experience the good life along with seeing what others do not have. This starts now. It starts with a little girl who is physically abused by her grandfather and is taken from her home, the only home she knows of, and it’s off the foster care. I thank God everyday for the two foster care agencies who advocate for these little people. Did you know that these little ones will be our pastors, nurses, doctors, accountants, caretakers someday? Be careful how you treat them…and stand in the fire with them.

My heart aches. you know the ache. the ache that tugs at your soul, as you begin to breathe in your tears just before you sigh. Well, thats the feeling I get when I know a child is being abused, mentally or physically, or neglected. A woman or child who is being trafficked. I know that I can not help everyone within my community, but I have all this free time (yes, even with an almost 3 month old and my career starting) and I really can not stand to think about one more night/day spent basking in the sun or drinking a Bloody Mary or even looking into my newborns eyes and laughing, without giving someone a part of me, of my time. I think you understand. When you truly unmask the layer of falseness that is so thick with pride from our greedy faces, then you begin to see the need. Even if it takes holding a child’s hand, reading them a book or telling them that they are loved.

Just think..some innocent helpless one is being mistreated, somewhere tonight. They wonder often what they are doing to deserve this. they wonder what a hug could feel like. they see themselves as threats. their little eyes grieve heavily in the fog of guilt of something they can not comprehend. Maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe I struck a nerve, upset someone. Maybe most people can sleep soundly beside their husbands/wives, But I can’t lay my head on my nice down feathered pillow without my minds eye staring deep within their tiny souls and wondering if they believe that they will see the sunlight tomorrow morn. 

”Some period in time, I will hide with you.

become the embrace that so helplessly fades away.

Forget the broken melody, on tear drops, raining forth with dignity.

No, only in some time will I find the grace the to cover the darkness that chokes you.”


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