Beauty in the skies ~

So, enough with the somber posts (ha ha) and onto something that makes me ‘me’. It is the one of the only days I have to myself, with the help of my mother, and so I thought while I have all this free time and she is helping me with the babies, I will take a siesta out doors in my sun chair. Well, I had it all planed out, having everything ready to just T-A-N, when I realized something was missing…The Sun!


Ha! Oh, Nature, you love pulling the rug out from under me, don’t you ❤ *sigh* But I have back up! It was a rather relaxing day thus far and so I have decided to spend time with myself in a more productive manner. (see photo below)


The simplicity of fruity, lemon orange and Goji tea served with a lemon slice in a delicate wine glass & dark chocolate & a bit of writing. Though, this may not be ‘post worthy’, I do believe the chalky, fluffy clouds should be granted with wandering eyes…and of course, well, my little one below.

I will take my time, this time, and enjoy this candle that you see flickering in the distance shadow of the Sun, bouncing from cloud to cloud, all the while picking up my little sidekick when I hear something cute from his play pen. Motherhood is grand.



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