Good Morn’ ~

There is a faint familiarity about days/night like these; Summer down south, the scent upon the early morning water and the caress of calm warmth at night. Where I tried to hang on to something I never I had. You know, when you make something work to fit your lifestyle in order to fit theirs..then you wake up one day out of the clear blue and become the old friend that you used to know, only you have another to imprint your personality upon, only this time, this individual only requires an occasional spot next to you.. It’s a great feeling, really.Image

*captured here, is my son (almost 4 months old), my fav mug and the most delicious coffee my mother brews, my mothers ancient Bible and the softest, cloud like bed I have ever  slept on*


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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