Dancing with Isaac

While many were boarding up their homes or leaving the state, I was able to capture simplistic moments as Isaac’s arms outstretch the coast’s of South Florida. Company came to visit that week and, alas, they were greeted with wind, rain and heavy, heavy thunder. Plans to go the to beach with our son were cancelled. Well, plans to do much anything outdoors were cancelled for that matter. Was that going to stop us from making the most of our trip? Was that really going to keep us cooped up in a hotel room the whole time? Not a chance. We made many daring treks through the rain and wind, on foot. As long lightning was not in sight, we walked until nightfall (and maybe even later!). The wind carried our ideas out to sea and onto the shore line. I danced courageously along the sand, seaweed wrapping its finger-like stems around each ankle. The storm was heavy with each second. So heavy that even I wondered if we would make it back. The droplets of rain whipped through the air, frantically in every direction, making it increasing impossible to find our way anywhere. We found that we weren’t the crazy ones with a daring spirit, though. The surfers were collectively gathered together and making the most out of this perfect weather to ride a wave. even I was impressed! Here are a few moments captured.ImageImageImageImage

Photo source http://www.facebook.com/silentshudder*


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