Key West, Florida

In exactly one day, we will be leaving this paradise, Key West. What a treasure it was to be able to spend hours doing nothing but swim in lucid, luke warm water, barbeque on the beach and perch on a the balcony that over looks the ocean.

Let me begin with the condo. There wasn’t anything that I could’ve wanted better. Luxurious rooms, spacious bathrooms, a full kitchen/dining room, half off coupon booklet to local restaurants, cribs for each of the babies. The balcony faces out towards the ocean, tropical birds and iguanas greeted at different parts of the day. The sky was so pleasant each visit to the balcony. The heart and soul of Key West poured onto this tiny property, giving it the ultimate escape. I have to say that I was deeply impressed; I was expecting it to be more ‘touristy’ when in reality I saw more locals (which happened to be more Cubans!) than I did vacationers (or at least that I could tell).

Spent a brutally hot afternoon touring the Hemmingway house. He had a lot of 6-toed cats! The entire place is beautiful, property, everything. He was a lonely, brilliant man who was accident prone.

A week was just enough time to partake in the scenic adventure that is, Key West.

4 things that caught my attention were:

1)The unemployment rate is VERY low

2) There very few beaches that you can lay out on (without the rough coral and debris)

3) The sand is imported from Miami

4) Key West is 94 miles North of Cuba (I have friends and family from Cuba)


Here are few captured moments ❤




Hemmingway’s writing room


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