~Sleeping Bebe~

I have erased a lot of people from my life within 6 months of the birth of Elijah. A major turning point in ones life really magnifies the loyalty of people you call ‘friends’. Some of these people I called friends were so incredibly dear to my heart that I had a special place for them, naturally. I came to the realization that they could care less. or maybe they cared and had a weird way of showing it..either way, I had gone through a lot of emotional stress after my son was born. With as much help from my family as they could (or wanted to), I doing it alone. No pity parties here, I just give major credit to single moms who hack it by themselves. The time when I need these ‘friends’ they were never there. and then when they were they had excuses. I guess, when you become a mother you grow up. You realize that the ones who matter are the ones who have been there all along. Elijah gave me the oomph to decide what/who is important in this life, to pick my battles and to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Not maybe, not I will get back to you later. YES or NO.

It also says a lot about ‘family’. Friends should be family and family should be friends. pure and simple. If you can be able to hold a disagreement in a respectable matter, treat each other like they have real feelings too and just listen even if your right, that’s what its about. blood means absolutely nothing. Elijah’s birth proved that.

My time is occupied, most of the time. I am very grateful, my little 6th month old is finally sleeping through.



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