Fit and Fabulous Moms Event 2012 of South Florida!

Friday Oct 12th 2012 @ 6pm, was a special moment in time for me. Not only did the Fall of the North bring a slight change in the weather down South, I have never felt so special for something I know I worked hard for: The Fit and Fabulous Moms Event. This awesome event happened to fall on the 6th month mark of my son being born. I was very hesitant to participate because I wasn’t sure if was going to be able make my goal of being in the best shape. The injuries during this past 6th months had enabled me to go further in my fitness goals so naturally I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Clearly, it wasn’t about ‘the best shape’ as it was about BEING your best while carrying the weight of motherhood.


Laura London (of Laura London fitness in Boca Raton Florida)3 time mom, wife, holistic health coach and fitness model/competitor (and good friend and role model), held this event last year and it was a hit. I saw pictures, I got stoked because I knew I could do it, whether I placed or not. She has been my role model and if you know me, you know that I don’t have role models that I look up, for anything. Since the birth, I worked as hard I could at my physique, for myself and for the event. I shined and that it what I will walk away with. With the support of my two besties, Tim and my mom, I was able to get up and dance…literally! Ha! All the girls danced their way across stage, it was awesome (see pics below).


I want to give a personal shout out to a God sent and new friend, Gyesenia. She was the third place in our class. What she did for me, I will never forget. It first started over ”here have a glass of wine!” and ended being the beginning of an inspirational conversation that had me in tears. I thought she worked hard for her body, but when she told me she had two children (5 and 16), and the oldest having autism, I was blown away and immediately my stage fright, fears of winning and cares of anything else had vanished for good, forever. She was a light and a strong, fierce, down to earth mom with a lot on her plate. And she looks amazing !! Just the thought of her putting so much effort into her own self to look and feel good everyday AND have two children of completely different ages and one needing more than the other, made me feel that I can do anything. I dont know why it took her and who she was to shake it, but the struggle with stage fright is gone. This is something I fought with since I started modeling. God is good, all I can say.

So that’s my new friend who has a very special place in my heart and on my blog.

Onto the whole evening. I have never been apart of events like this that I have met some freaking amazing woman. Strong, Sexy, Confident. All having two or more children!! I was the youngest and the only one with a recent baby. As I watched my class do their thang on stage, they had each of their biographies being said. WOW. The woman all had so much going on in their lives that all I could think of was Wonder Women and how the heck to they do it. I was definitely empowered by each personal story. It was funny because the 3 woman in my class that stood out to me (actually had tears while their bio was being said), where the ones who placed!! I was so thrilled!! It was amazing to hear that woman all over the country flew in for this event!

Needless to say, an extraordinary night with some down to earth sistahs!! I am looking forward to more competitions !



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