Survival Mode

Important decisions require a LOT of thinking, usually but this time it happened in one thought, over one hour. Sometimes, situations occur that make you make the changes you need to get up and go, less stagnate.

This morning I was faced with some hard truths. I’m not gonna lie: I got mad for 10 minutes, cried for 45 minutes & then made the necessary decisions to further my life in the direction it needed to go in.

Sorry, Serina, but uh, you aren’t going to have things the way YOU plan on having them, WHEN you plan on having them.

I got mad at my sister. my poor sissy who (for once) didn’t provoke me to snap at her! So, since I am not the kinda person to sit in the mire for too long (or at all), I felt better about the swift kick it gut that circumstance just doled out to me and kicked into ‘Survival Mode”, which is an excellent place to be, by the way. Kinda centers you. If your stuck in a mind-rut it kinda puts you through a ”mind boot camp”, ready for anything. Survival mode is something that isn’t taught, rather a kind of conundrum your whole body undergoes and so you are able to make important, logical decisions based on what your faced with, which is exactly what’s happening on my end.

It certainly helps that the turn of the weather (Fall in South Florida), feels fresh today, much like everyday. It feels like Spring, actually. Windows open with just enough chill to cool the room. It’s very fragrant, with Earth’s natural elements, permeating. The time couldn’t have been more germane.
I wouldn’t call it a new beginning but, frankly, we all go through something ‘new’, every day. So, I can break away, in a sense, the chains of being ‘bogged down’ to one place and consider myself a nomad again…? Yes, even with my son. I guess this is strongly connected to the place that we will end up in the near future. As far as my swain, my heart is where he is, but I am not falling for that ”follow your heart” trick again. My mind/brain is in control now and I will do things the smart and logical way from here on out!


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