Travel Bugs ~

The wind is more gratifying up north. there’s just something about it that is renewing and revitalizing to revamp this revelation! 😉 the trip is taking some turns, expected and unexpected. friends who I thought would make some time to see me and our son didn’t express interest whatsoever and others whom actually cleared some time in their morning and evening to spend some, good, genuine, quality time with all 3 of us. 1 of which haven’t seen in exactly 3 years, had handmade gifts for us! (see below)
paper journal and paper wreath


Swain had booked a couple of nights for 3 in a suite called the Hawthorne, in Columbus. I was shocked by the amount of amenities it had for the price ($49 a night). that will definitely be a place I recommend to others who are deciding to stay in Columbus.
the baby was such a trooper on the plane once again. he fell asleep, twice in my Ergo baby carrier ( which by the way is parents dream gift to have for their child! ). I got moved around, moved luggage, while others spoke to each other in a loud fashion, people rushing past me, the loudspeaker in the airport and he was still out cold through all of it!
cheesy bathroom picture



and that’s him in the baby carrier,underneath a blanket.

I’m so blessed to have such an easy going child! once he woke up, he was in mid air and I think the shock of where he was caused him to be so overzealous. he was in new surroundings with new people all around him, smiley laughing at him, talking to him







well we just arrived in New York last night and I’m about to make this the best week ever! like I said there’s something about up north that’s just revitalizing and refreshing!


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