Music is a Genius ~

I don’t always share my taste in music, but when I do, it’s legit 😉

Music is all around us. You walk out to your car, on a chilly morning, bare branches sway in unison to create and soft, charismatic, gentle tune. Youre home alone and you run the water for a bath; the calming rush of the water plays a simple melody to lull you to relaxation.
I may be amplifying the analogy a bit….or am I? Each time I hear a song that grabs me, I replay it until I hear something else that grabs me (which, if you know me, is a loooong stretch of time). I had the utmost pleasure of being graced with a tune that enlightened my spirit and allowed my mind to transform into the person that this song was created for. I posted it a while back but the composer must have taken it down, so I bought the song and wanted to share it again. When you are an artist, or some form, you will understand this. It will take flight, in one way or another,  and you will see just what you had seen as a child.

I sound crazy. But I assure you, I am just a writer...

Please enjoy John Mills’, So The Wind Wont Blow It All Away, Hallowed Moon.


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