My first Thanksgiving as a mom

Today was a very special day. Not only because of the obvious but because a lot of my immediate family is here. Like my mom said, it actually feels like the holiday’s again. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Today my mom baked in the kitchen, Eli played with toys and Tupperware containers on the floor and myself taking complete place of my father and attempting to put up the tree and decorate it ( it is not near done yet), all the while the Macy’s Day Parade hummed in the background. I am thankful, I am grateful, and I am blessed beyond anything imaginable. Since I’ve been back here things have taken yet another turn ( this is what I get for planning. I should know to just never plan.anything…), not bad but certainly not productive and my mind was a little cloudy with everything that was going on. I quickly centered focus when I realized it was Thanksgiving Day and the parade was on. So it’s the first thanksgiving as a mom and I feel like I’ve accomplished so much. Although Swain Is still dragging his feet In areas that I can’t understand why, I know that me and the baby will just have to move along, with or without him. I spent a pretty good couple of days racking my brain as to why he would sacrifice the holidays with me and a especially his son. But as of right now I have everything I could ever ask for. as of right now. If I had Swain here with us all the time, My prayers would be answered; It would be complete. Alas, We will have to wait and see… My childhood. Where do I really start.. I had a fantastic childhood. My mom and dad were very strict but very loving. Thanksgiving was very special to us because of how my mother and father showed us the love in celebration of this is thankful holiday. From the decorations to the food to the conversation and even the nightly rituals as we all sat on the couch at night before bed and watched TV. These amazing memories of the holidays I intend to pass down to Eli ~




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