So the past couple of days I have been  feeling a little down and out. Why? The back and forth with Swain Is trying and exhausting, not to mention the constant upkeep of raising a child. Well after I’ve worked in nonstop 6 hour day for all week ( mind you I haven’t worked for somebody in 3 years), anything added to my mental state is just exhausting. That being said, Swain and I had a major disagreement that completely took its toll on me. I don’t normally let stress wreak havoc on my body and mind so I thought I was okay the very next day.


Big time. All of the arguing and disagreements and the constantly feeling like I have to prove why some things are more important than others finally let me have it. My eyes were sunken in. My head was full of clouds. My speech was slurred and my chest was heavy. I was out of breath and it wasn’t until my mother pointed out just how terrible I looked.

Immediately after that she concocted the most amazing medicinal, herbal tea. We named it after me haha. Nina’s Nerve Tonic – For the extreme effects of stress

When I tell you that after the fifth sip The cloud had vaporized, literally vaporized, as if somebody cyphened the negative feelings do to the over abundance of stress. Although I was still a little fatigued, the chest pain and headaches and the nervousness we’re gone. Thank the Lord that He Gave my mother the knowledge to put something like this together.

Here are the ingredients:
1 tsp lavender
1tsp skullcap
1tsp rose petals
Add honey to taste


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