Its beginning to look a lit like Christmas! Even in south Florida!

I am happy to say that With the influence of savvy, classy, chic le zoe musings (whom you should follow, by the way, if your into fresh and fun ideas and findings!) I was inspired to think outside the box, get creative and take on the daunting task making my own Christmas decor! I used everything I already had around the house and the ideas just kept flourishing as I put these simple treasures together.

Like I said I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration derived from le zoe musings. I certainly do not have the patience or the creative technique to put anything like this together but I guess the Christmas spirit took over today!

Here’s what I created. I don’t think I did too bad of a job, eh?

The picture quality is not too great but you do get the idea. What I was unable to capture in decent lighting was a beautiful sea blue vase with organically grown dried wheat placed inside the vase. I was thrilled to have put that together but disappointed the pictures didn’t turn out so well.
another gorgeous centerpiece was given to me by a friend. Placed in between is a beautiful fragrance apple cinnamon candle. It must be made of soy I because the scent so rich and therapeutic, fumigating the room with the scent of real time and pine cones put together to make a beautiful decoration for any table.


Again the picture quality is not that great and honestly doesn’t do any of these beautiful treats, justice.

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!


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