After an eventful Christmas week, despite the recent events that I will be posting about soon, this year comes to a close and exciting new 1 begins. Swain and my father made it in town safely and sound, although my poor father had fallen ill for the majority of the time he was here. The weather was cold ( it still is a bit chilly). I worked my last day last Sunday. Leaving South Florida is very bittersweet.
We spend Christmas Eve at my aunts house with all of my cousins, my uncles and aunts and my sister and my nephew and of course, Swain. The only person missing unfortunately was my father. I felt so bad he came all this way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with us and spent most of it on the couch.

Without our cousin being around due to recent events (again, I will explain later), my aunt was a bit heartbroken and, well, it all was just a bit uncomfortable at times.
Nonetheless we strived for happy future  memories while watching videos of old ones.






Well this was a surprise that I couldn’t wait to share ! Swain Had a present to me from Eli. So I open it, thinking nothing of it and not expecting anything at all. I was confused as to why I would be getting such a gift but then I looked harder….


So, A second proposal it is! He had a speech prepared and everything. and of course I said yes. He caught me completely off guard. My dad knew everything 🙂 And something about this time around felt so much better than the last time. It felt genuine,  real and not rushed. Needless to say I am very happy about this.

I hope you all have a safe and happy new years


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