” ..while in my chains…”

To be an addict …..

Is it complete mind control? Is it having no care or no feelings to care ? Is it like looking at the sane you in the mirror that is crying out for help but being so paralyzed with hunger for that particular ‘drug’, that you can’t even help yourself or ask anyone else for help ?

I’m so sick and I even have to say this because my cousin is such a bright person. Without going into too many details,we were robbed a week before Christmas. My aunts house was completely ransacked. I was hesitant for awhile to even post about this but
My dad just got into town tonight before and we decided to get up early that morning, while still being at my mom’s house, go back to my aunts house clean up a bit, feed the kids, then go back out for some hangout time with my dad and shopping.
My sister walked in the door first then my dad and myself. she noticed something was wrong when the dog’s leash was tied in a knot to a pillow and propped underneath the coffee table. She got as far as the dining room and saw that the art cart had been completely ripped apart, papers an art supplies all over the floor
Of course by this time we are all in a little bit of a frantic. The kitchen and the living room, torn apart as well,the TV in the electronics were missing including her brand new 2 week old Apple Computer. He drank both bottles of wine that my sister and I got the night before and he made hard boiled eggs, 8 of them, then left them in the pan,in water, in the sink. Stuff was taken out of where the TV stand was and pushed around all over the floor including his shoes and a dirty sock. Now we are assuming it was out of spite for some reason.

My sister doesn’t cry but when we got upstairs and got her room, she cried incomplete disgust and in terror. The baby’s room was also slightly disoriented as he grabbed whatever was in the closet and threw it on the floor. We assumed that this to spite is well. My aunts bedroom and bathroom were completely a mess. He took the clothes out of the drawers and he took the drawers out and put them all over the room. Took pictures off of her wall and messed up the bed, completely moving the bed from its frame. Went to the linen closet tool all of her clothes and shoes out of the closet along with taking the towels out of the closet and throwing them all over the floor, make up and hair stuff included. The TV in my aunts bedroom was gone.

I can’t even describe to you what my sisters room looked like because I don’t know where to begin. but I believe she got it much worse. The speaker to the iPod along with the iPod was gone. Her bed was completely flipped upside down, the box spring on top of the mattress. Taking all of the drawers out of the dresser and onto to the floor and taking everything out of the closet.

I have pictures for everything for evidence and I was going to post them but for security reasons, I’ve decided against it.

What was the icing on the cake was the used heroin needle, cap on, laying amongst the white sheets on my aunts bed….

This all happened 5 days before Christmas. Let me also add that this townhouse that once held good, solid, “keep your door unlocked all night” vibes, the very place I gave birth to my son, is now tainted with the sick mind of an addict.

They did find him 2 days later and doing some time for the crimes committed in 3 other towns.

Such a crying shame.


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