Inspired by others- I love my job!

“Almost everybody can afford a personal trainer once a week if they align their values and reevaluate their expenses.” ”The Cheers Effect” PT Development Center

While I was catching up on some serious health and fitness reading/blogging, I stumbled across an interesting, kick butt article and this sentence caught my attention, thus making for another excellent blog post with great info.

This quote couldn’t be more true. Whether you are making $8.50 an hour or $18.50 an hour, you CAN afford a (good) trainer. How is that possible!? Aren’t trainers, like, a hundred bucks a session?! Not all of them!

Finding the right trainer is hard to do especially when you don’t know what your looking for. This is where I come in. Being a trainer for almost 4 years, I have had my share of good and bad training experience. Some with clients, mostly with other trainers. I am not dogging others’ ability to train clients, as I know each one has different training styles, but during the course of my training, I have seen some trainers at fitness facilities that do NOT take their job seriously.


You get what you pay for

Most of the time you will find not so enthusiastic trainers at gym’s like La Fitness, 24 hour Fitness and any other chain fitness club. Again, I am NOT coming down hard on all trainers but I will say that if you are going to places like this to look for training, most of the time, you will get what you pay for. I know this because I have worked for a few chain clubs. I didn’t like that ALL of the trainers got a bad rap for the fault of just a few bad eggs. This seemed to happened at EVERY chain club I went to, even to just feel out the place.

Time is money

You will have better luck finding an excellent trainer on sites like and because they filter through the trainers very well. Trainers must have experience and good clientele recommendations before committing to the site. Also, what I have noticed at those chain clubs is that some of the trainers that don’t take themselves (or their clients) too seriously is because, I will admit, the pay is quite degrading. I asked, one day as I begin my first few days, why it is that they don’t pay a reasonable amount, especially for trainers like myself that have experience and educational back round and they said it had to do with a lot of trainer turnover and not enough trainers that take it serious…..I know…I was a little confused, myself.

Don’t get me wrong, you CAN find a decent trainer at these places but make sure that those trainers have a backround:

Some sort of education in fitness and health

Is excited to share with you every little detail about him/herself and isn’t not afraid to answer tough questions

Engages eye contact at all times!! This is very important. If a trainer is messing with his/her phone (acting like they know it all but not in a good, comforting way), continuosly stops a convo to wave/chat to a ‘buddy’ and has very little to share with you, move on the next. Also, most gyms offer a ‘free session’ as a selling point, some trainers don’t offer it and if they don’t even offer it or you have to ask about it, move on. 

I know from experience training clients can be tough and sometimes I even questioned the money factor, but a good trainer will also do things to promote motivation and get you back on your feet. I used to make phone calls or shoot emails to clients even when I stopped training them…sometimes I still get messages from them, asking me to come back!

Find a trainer that LOVES what they do and most of the time (like myself), they will work with you on payments.




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