3 Succesful no props, all body, on your stomach killer workout!~

Hey there! I have not forgotten my goal of using baby as prop weight for my main exercises so bare with me, I am still adjusting!

Wouldn’t it be nice to do a no weight, no brain-er, simple multitask workout?! While reading a passage from my studies this A.M., I had a brilliant idea for exercising while you are at your computer or reading a book or taking an online exam. This can be applied to anything you are doing when your not doing anything at all! And the best part is it only take 10 minutes to complete! It will leave you feel like you have done an hour workout, in just 10 solid minutes.

Remember, form is everything so watch closely as I demonstrate these:

The Snake (i.e. reverse back crunches): These babies are killer. If you are not familiar with doing these (or are having a difficult time following the pictures), start out beginner (arms to your side). Place hands almost touching your ears, elbow out to the side. Raise your chest up, 10 degree angle off of the floor (or 20, if you want a challenge), then back down. When you raise up, you will feel your lats and upper back muscles squeeze together, much like a normal tummy crunch. Exhale coming up, inhale coming down. Remember** Good breathing is just as important as good posture! 3 sets of 30!


Reverse Bicycles : Laying flat on your stomach, arms to the side or under your head for support, bend knees and peddle legs while lifting knees slightly off the ground. Alternating legs and squeeze those glutes!! If you feel you need more  time to practice posture and form, disregard lifting knees off of the ground (for now). This exercise works the glutes, thighs & rectus femoris and sartorious muscles ( two of the (many) main muscles in the front of your leg/thigh). 3 sets of 40!


Push Ups! (Yeah..just regular, old fashion push up style!):
If you are not familiar with these, I will break it down for you. Lay on your stomach, lift your whole body off the floor at about 15-20 degree angle (arms are straight up and down), making sure you toes and hands are the only ones touch that floor! (you should look stiff as a board, plank like position). {See photo below} **No, not everyone knows what a push up is! I speak from experience, having a client that I needed to take extra time each session to demonstrate how to do a push up. Not everyone is able to envision it the way most can! 🙂** 3 sets of 15!


**Note: I am not in the most professional setting because, heck, who is when they are ‘on the go’ ? This is my work/study space/ Eli’s playroom and I am confident that from wherever you are, you can do these 3 simple workouts too!

Email me for more info or any other questions that you may have!

Lets get goin’!


Serina ❤


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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