Emotion and Our Bodies ~

What an amazing machine,our body is! Just think: We drink, eat, sleep and don’t even have to think about it: It just happens!

That’s the beauty of our human bodies. Our body and mind working together to create what we are and what we become.Do you ever think about what your putting in or subjecting yourself to everyday?Most will say that they don’t. I never did. Until recently, as I began learning about all the things that make up a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and spirit.

Everything effects everyone all the time. We are made to feel sad and happy. We are made to be angry. It’s if we chose to let these emotions effect our body in a negative way. For example, a happy and relatively content individual may experience the joy or many foods (taste, smell, presentation) while a stressed or depressed individual may resists these feelings altogether. When your body senses that negativity, it sends a signal that can inhibit peristalsis, reduce propulsion of food, decreases gastric secretion and reduces the blood flow to the stomach.

Overall, we are going to be stressed out or sad a lot of the time for many different reasons, but the point to take into count is that your aware of what these feelings do to your body and have a back up for coping with them!

Talking to friends and family, going to the gym, walking in the park, visiting a relative, massage therapy (I HIGHLY recommend), hold a baby, drink organic tea. Whatever it is! This is your body and your life🙂




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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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