~A Pause of Genuine Reflect~

I am a woman of many shades, this isn’t always a good thing…

I love the cold. It’s refreshing, invigorating and renewing but, for someone like myself, you have to be in the right state of mind for it. all.the.time.

These days, I find myself taking longer baths, longer bathroom breaks and loooonger time getting up in the morning because I’m to fixated on and living vicariously through images I see via my friends that are at the beach, under a palm with coffee in hand or even in a pair of shorts. I often question if it was the right time for me to leave, especially when I hear my moms somber, exhausted voice as she describes her eventful day at work, in which I could be helping (as I had before).. Swain *loathes* the warmer climate. I love it, whether here in NY or down South.

We are both hard at work, prepare for our new life, wherever that may be. I am up and running my business as a professional business now, which gives me such strength when I reflect back on the years that I was so new at all of this. Now I can take all that I have earned and apply it with the right knowledge going forth. Same with Swain. I can’t be anymore ecstatic for him. In just a few short weeks, he will able to buy his new toy, his Olympus camera. This means, more inspiration, more shooting and much, much planning trips (as a family).

So, for now until I can have steady clients at my grasp, I will continue to search Southwest, Spirit Air and Priceline for pretend trip planning. It’s always fun!


Oh, and I will continue to gawk at these pieces of myself…



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