~ <3 Valentine’s Morning Workout <3 ~


I woke up this morning and dove into my morning workout and then I thought, lemme grab the baby and have even more fun!

I want to encourage you all to get up and do these this morning rather than this evening or afternoon for two reasons:

1) You have a better chance at getting into a workout in the morning with your LO or by yourself before Valentines Day gets crazy

2) I am almost positive you all are going out for Valentines breakfast and after that, not many of us want to or feel like working out… I am speaking from experience!

So I devised a plan to get you all moving, with or without your little one..:

Recently Updated4A non traditional setting (haha!) with bebe  and cartoons. So much fun, bonding and laughing.

Pictured atop is me and E demonstrating squats. breathing and posture!! Pic 1, as your coming into a full squat, knees and feet aligned and knees are never over your toes, shoulders back chest out and back straight (I will be saying this so many times that you will be memorizing it in your sleep!) breathe in when coming into full squat.

Pic 2, standing straight up, back straight and shoulders back. breath out when standing back up.

Next, is a simple demonstration of biceps curls. Hold bebe like you a dumbbell but with more security (use discretion, make sure your LO is over 7 months old before attempting any of the exercises that require hold him/her)

Pic 3, With your back straight, shoulders rolled back for posture, curl him/her about 8 degrees to your chest, breathing out.

Pic 4,  same postural stance, release back down to curl position. Breathing in.

See!? It wasn’t so bad! So, grab your Valentine and starting squattin’ 😉

Have an awesome day!



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