Finding People Like This…

The Sun hung fugaciously that day, before the clouds pillowed together, rapidly. One of my favorite days. It has been a while since I have encountered a specific individual with many talents as the one I had the pleasure of meeting on this impressionable day; a rare avis.

When she and her mother walked through the door with exceptional, exquisite photographs, I was awestruck. One in particular stood out the most. Before I had a chance to ask about the photograph, it was as if the photograph itself told me of the story.

''Rhododendron Tree''

”Rhododendron Tree”

It is my genuine pleasure to introduce to you, the “woman of many colors”, who has so vibrantly woven her way in the heart of the art world, Liza Lichtinger, M.S., NCC

This brilliant individual that I came into contact with just walked right into Gallery 928, a cozy little art gallery right on NE 20th Ave, in downtown Fort Lauderdale. This print is for sale at Gallery 928.

She is an inspiration and her work shows a great deal of sincerity and fantasy.

Please, check out more of her divine simplicities at her website below:

 More of her inspirational art (©AhauLicht Art Photography)

Her present film production is a must see!! ‘‘One Truth”:

Gallery 928 ! Liz, next to her display~

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