Babies and the things they bring with them

Just when we got used to the norm with this whole baby thing, BAM! We get hit with another traumatizing event. Yesterday my son had a higher than normal temperature. We called our pediatrician and booked an appointment for the next morning (this morning). They suggest bringing him to immediate care if his fever grew higher. Well, it did and so off to emergency we went. We were there for almost 5 hours (mind you, it was suppose to be my very first group fitness class that I would’ve been teaching every Monday and Wednesday so you can imagine the frustration I felt dealing with my poor son and having to cancel teaching my class)  and it felt like no one knew just quite what they doing/talking about and how to properly diagnose him. They did loads of uncomfortable tests (which I will admit that I lost my marbles on several occasions)..and after all was tested and done, the doctor stated that they think that he may have an ear infection that is causing his fever. Now, throughout the last couple of days and throughout the emergency visit, Swain noticed that he would cry bloody murder when we laid him on his back. It didn’t occur to me until this morning at 1:30 when he had an 104.8 fever and I decided to call the on call nurse at my pediatricians office. She was the only one to point out that if it is an ear infection, we want to elevate him in the crib. Now, wouldn’t think that the Dr.s in the hospital would’ve been clear on that and picked up on the fact that he would cry when we laid him on his back?!

You would think…

Long and draining story short, we are keeping his fever down and we have him on antibiotics. I am a practical mom/person of my healthful decisions so I wasn’t too keen on giving him an over the counter prescription but logic is that we need to keep him from getting worse.

So, now that i painted this dramatic picture for you, I can get right to my point! 🙂

We have also supplemented (as we have before when Eli has been ill) while giving him his antibiotics. Like normal, I stocked up on my liquid homeopathic for baby.


ChildLife is great. They have just the right amount of vitamins for baby. Each formula is carefully crafted and measured for a clean and healthy immune system. It’s pure and natural ingredients allow for children to adapt to the healing properties as quick and as comfortable as needed. Available in orange flavor 🙂 What was so cool was that the ingredient in First Defense is Silver Collidial, an active immune booster and antibiotic.

You can find these and other awesome supplements and vitamins at LuckyVitamin!


[My little man upon waking this morn. ]


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