Canned Good, Gone Bad ~ The Facts About Common Additives

Disodium EDTA is practically everywhere, in every canned good, cosmetic, cleaning products, beverages and manufactured foods. This particular substance is found in laundry detergent and it is the agent that helps separate the stain. That it’s job.

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Disodium EDTA has high affinity to free metal ions, a common pollutant and impurity in many chemical environments. It’s popular among the medical industry (surprise, surprise!) so because of large quantities being used in these industries, it’s become a rapid growing pollutant. The only time you have to really be aware is when disodium EDTA comes in contact with Vitamin C and sodium Bicarbonate, in which then forms the other cancer causing chemical, benzenes, a potent carcinogen.

So, why is it necessary to add this potentially fatal causing ingredient to food products?! It isn’t ! The reason it is added is to provide a longer shelf life, thus stating under the label that reads ”ingredients: Disodium EDTA (for added color and preservation)”. It is used to separte heavy metals…Heavy Metals! If you are ingesting real food, you shouldn’t be ingesting heavy metals! Any disclaimer will tell you that high amounts of disodium EDTA are majorly toxic to the human body. Again, it shouldn’t be in food at all but unfortunately, it is.

Always check the back label when buying canned goods!

And remember If you can’t read it, chances are your body wont either!





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