The Vaccine Conundrum

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate…

It really is the question! Is it really necessary? If so, can I just get a few? What about all those children and adults that have had severe, nerve damaging complications? What if I want to send my child to daycare, school and/or even camp?

Before I go into my thoughts/the facts on vaccines, I want to say that Swain and I have decided against vaccinating Elijah, after battle about it back and forth, riding on the fence, day after day. Our wonderful, amazing, caring pediatrician had to the give us an ultimatum: Vaccinate or leave…(she didn’t quite put like that, of course). While I don’t agree 100% with vaccinating our children, I do believe it (certain doses, at certain times, to certain individuals) may be helpful in some cases.**Always discuss your concerns, thoughts and questions with your DR.**

**So if you are like us and have been on the fence about whether to vaccinate your child/children, you will need to ask yourself some serious questions:

What kind of ailments run in my family? Family history-

What I have noticed when I hear of cases that a child or adult is negatively effected by an immunization is that a certain hereditary ailments (autism, mental disabilities, cerebral palsy etc;) runs in the family and unfortunately has effected the child, no  matter what age. This particular dose of vaccine may or may not had been the ”trigger” for this ailment to arise. This is by NO means anyone’s fault, it is just the way it happened to fall in line at that time of that particular vaccine. How would you know if this vaccine is right for your child/you? you really don’t know. You can research your family history and see if an ailment had an effect on a medication which might link you know more about the vaccine, but even then, you can’t rule anything out.

How is his/her/my immune system and current state of health?

Is your child prone to getting sick or does your child have an immune disorder, kidney or any other compromising health state? How about yourself? These are important questions to discuss with your Dr. It’s also important to have a Dr and/or pediatrician who respects your decisions and gives you informed helpful information, not make you feel bad or push you to do anything you may be unsure about.

He/she/ I has had immunizations in the past and has been fine/very mild reaction. Can I decide against the next dose(s) if I want to?

Yes. Although, most states will probably urge you to get the whole series (for school purposes), you are allowed to refrain from the rest of the series. If you/your child has had a reaction (sever or mild), that is up to your and your Dr you decided to continue on with the rest of the series, but you can choose to opt out if you feel it is unsafe for you/your child.

What about if I want to send them to school/daycare ?

You would think that this would a big deal and you would have no choice but according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), there are certain exempts that are allowed.

I am all for trust worthy information regarding health. I want to learn and understand the science behind why a certain chemical is mandatory in a vaccine there fore I have asks health care pro’s, done my research and made a valid decision.

While the vaccine issue still remains just that, it’s ultimately up to you. Swain and I have been to a few pediatricians since Elijah has been born. Fortunately, one agreed to keep seeing him, despite the decision to refrain from vaccination.  Since Swain and I work for ourselves, we plan to home school Elijah and get him enrolled in a home school program in our community.

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