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Recently, I had the indecent pleasure of getting into a confrontation with someone within the medical field. As you know, I had a home birth/natural birth. Partly because I was afraid of all of the horror stories I heard from friends (and acquaintances) about their hospital/doctor experience and partly because I had envisioned my birth being as natural as possible. Why? because it was what I wanted.

Well, unfortunately, this ‘nurse’ had left comments/messages for me and friend (my friend who also had a natural home birth) that were rude, inconsiderate & down right mean. She made us sound like our decision was horrific and that we were putting our children at risk! So, I finally stood up to her, told her the facts and then ended the conversation altogether. This very topic raised some serious eyebrows in my circle of friends, debates branded from all over the skeptic realm, making for quite the interesting thread (as I indeed intended).

To make this long story short, I wanted to broaden the horizons of some individuals. Whether I did or didn’t was completely up to those who were open minded to hearing the other side. I noticed that some women who have had hospital child births, where so enraged by the thought of there being any other way to birth outside of the hospital or DR care.

Many people  do not know what I went through to try to find the right care. We looked in Ohio (even two hours away from the place we lived!), Western NY and West Virgina and they all had strict rules: You must birth within a certain amount of time or they will intervene, you are not guaranteed the same DR every hour and you are not given the choice to labor/birth in water (optional, anyway). See, you think to yourself,  ”You should listening to your DR, anyway, not the internet or other peoples experience or a crazy midwife”. Well, I did listen to my DR. In fact, I had 3 different care physicians and neither one of them took any care as to what my concerns, wishes or questions were! Each time I left a practice or hung up from a call, I felt helpless and frustrated because I knew that I wanted someone who respected my decisions yet was scientifically correct.

Well that is when I stumbled across Midwife Miriam at Palms Birth House in Delray Beach Florida.  She was a perfect fit ( the team is great and far from judgmental). You can visit their website for more info on how to get in touch with her/them.

Not to stray too far the topic here,  the point is it is ultimately your choice to birth however/wherever you want. I never want to push my views or opinions but I will wait until it is asked (or I will do just as I have, blogging my experience). As a first time mom, wherever/whoever you are, you are all in the same boat with the same questions.  My reason for that touchy topic was to bring light to the fact that knowledge is power, do your homework! If you’re not interested in anything outside of the medical realm and want to listen to everything the Dr. says, fine but don’t get upset that someone else may have had a different (and sometimes much more pleasant) birthing experience than you or someone you know. Everyone is different, everyone has different bodies.

You think just because I gave birth at home that I didn’t have my doubts?! of course I had my doubts! But I chose a midwife who was knowledgeable and understanding and that is the key: To find a good, sound health professional, DR, nurse and/or midwife.

Respect that!

Here are some links that you may find helpful to your questioning about home-birth or midwifery :

CIA- World Fact Book

The World Bank

US National Library of Medicine


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