Destination: Home

As you know, I haven’t done much traveling since I have been in NY. Every personal financial aspect of our lives (from the ground, up) has become more prevalent as the hours progress and it seems to put so much that we’ve ‘planned’ to do, on steady hold. As expected, when you have a family and obligations, I suppose. Nonetheless, every second is just as enjoyable.

Today, the Spring breeze brought such a welcome-home type of comfort through the open window in our room. The image of our favorite spot on the coast, lighthouse nearby, the surge of the ocean flickered vividly with even more color. It opened our eyes to see exactly where we wanted to be and that our goal was not too far from being reached. So, as Eli napped over long for us this afternoon, Swain and I exhausted the web for homes that may be for rent in our secret place we distantly call home, Portland, Maine.

Although we have had this as a goal for the past two years, we hadn’t really kept it in our forefront until today.  So, we have decided that we are going to diligently start scrimping and saving for our permanent move to Portland. Settling for nothing less but what we wish, we are searching for our cozy, Victorian home on the beachfront.

Beautiful Portland Pier ~

Portland Maine Pier


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