Pregnancy Issue #1- Placenta Previa

Unfortunately, there are some cases during (mainly) late pregnancy where the placenta covers the cervix, partially or completely. This is called Placenta Previa. Placenta previa occurs in about 1 out of every 200 pregnancies. Many times, previa is detected in the third trimester, but it’s sometimes spotted at as early as 17 weeks.  In almost all cases, previa corrects itself as the uterus grows. I had a PP scare when I had my first ultrasound. The nurse left the room with a print out of the picture, her and another Dr came back in and took another ultrasound shot this time having me lay on my side, and luckily, I wasn’t in that category. With the exception of a Cesarian section, there is only a few things that have been reported that you can do (or have done) that may help.

Chinese medicine and Holistic cures?!

In Debra Betts’ book, Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth, she states that, “Although it has been estimated that as many as 30% of placentas on ultrasound are positioned low at 20 weeks gestation, less than 1% require further monitoring by 32 weeks, with only a small proportion of these requiring any medical intervention”.

Acupuncture is very effective, especially if the placenta isn’t fully cover the certix. Debras book is a great source for finding the right info on previa and how to exercise wisdom.

You will need to be monitored by your Dr. if you are planning on anything other than a hospital birth, obviously, but to think that we have these options available is invigorating, right!?



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