Pregnancy Blunder #2- Round Ligament Pain

Round Ligament pain a funny thing (not ‘haha’ funny, but confusing funny). A short, jabbing pain that is locate just below the pelvis/lower stomach/bikini line area, sometimes on both sides. It can happen at anytime during your pregnancy, especially when you are active (sorry, my runners!) and especially in your 2nd and 3rd trimester. I still get this pain ever so often and I continue to deal with the same as I did when I was pregnant.

Understanding the Growth and The Pain~

As your uterus begins to grow, the ligaments stretch to accommodate and support it. Some woman may feel mild cases, others (such as myself) are more severe; The pain can cripple you because you don’t know which position to turn or walk or even take a deep breath, as the pain in unpredictable (a little worse than a gas bubble type of feeling). While round ligament is very common among pregnancy and should only last a few seconds upon moving and shifting, do not overlook  it if you have any other symptoms such as bleeding or abdominal cramping, as these can be signs of other serious issues.

Dealing ~

I am not gonna lie, this is some pretty hefty pain. I used to get it when I walk a LOT without stretching. Sometimes it would go away for days, then one morning, there it was again so you really don’t know when it will come back you just have to be prepared to deal with it when/if it does.

Do not stop exercising!! Just make sure you are taking more time to stretch in the morning about an hour BEFORE your workout and right after your workout. You may even want to take a yoga or Pilates classes too. They will help with increasing mobility and flexibility.  Here are a few relievers that I did when the pain was there:

~Lavender essential oil bath- a fabulous way to unwind, relax and you may stretch while you’re in there too!

~ Sitting Indian style, with only your feet touching together, careful and slowly pressing both elbows onto your knees (see figure below) to stretch your inner thighs.


~Rest. Elevate your legs and rest will take the pressure off your abdominal and elevate the pain!

Walking was what did me in with the pain BUT I found that when I took that extra time to stretch, yoga and rest, the pain was gone!

Questions!? Feel free to ask!



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