Coconut Oil~

Coconut Oil~

Here’s a fun one: This is going to fit right in the Pregnancy Blunders 101 series that I am covering. ‘but’ because it’s pretty short and to the point, all it requires is a short and sweet photo with a caption.

Pun intended here, ‘but’…
Coconut Oil for hemorrhoids! Ok so here is the story. I am taking shower and BAM there it was, painful and all. I am not even afraid to go there, my friends 🙂 I can tell you for a fact no over the counter medication will do for what coconut oil will for a these creepy, nasty little demons.
Just apply twice a day and by day 3, all gone! The oil soothes and moisturizes while also healing the sores and the area around. It’s natures magic !! Ladies, if you have never had one and are thinking ”Well why would I get them?!” may I remind you that these beauties are a little gift from all the hard labor before birth 🙂

That wasn’t too bad, was it ?! 😛



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