Acupressure at home!!??

Wanna know the next best thing to a massage?! An acupressure mat!

Yup! I stumbled across this little slice of tranquility on while placing an order. As I carefully skimmed each brand and each review, I made my decision to chose Sunrise. There are many different brands so make your executive decision after you read through the reviews.



My experience
Where do I start? The tiny little needles poking through every millimeter of skin or the calming, warm, fuzzy feeling? Both! Some people have said it took them a few times to feel its effect but that depends on the individual. As laid on my bare back, I let the needles sink into my skin, causing an instant circulation flush feeling (your blood circulating), which was so warm and relaxing and such a high! You will get passed the discomfort. See, you have lymph nodes and pressure points all over your body so, much like acupuncture and massage, this acupressure mat does the same by applying needle like pressure to those areas, releasing all sorts of endorphins.

Fun, eh? I completely,100% recommend onr of these. Why? Because …….

Your sleep will improve
Your intimacy will increase
Your moods will level out
You will be much more relaxed



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