Far More Than You Can Ever Imagine

Swain & I have a problem: It’s carelessly known as simple thinking. We vowed that on our the start of our new lives as a team, as husband and wife, as parents, we wanted a better view of what living really means. No more stressful weekends of not being able (ah, and here is that magical word) afford to get into something mind blowing or purchase something we really want. No more setting goals unless they can be practical in a standard, reachable setting, thus making it feel like It’s too hard or impossible to reach. And no more freaking fighting about the stupidest things. Believe it or not, that was us, the majority of our relationship as we pridefuly scaled the ‘you hurt me first’ card.

I’ve given up pretty much everything when I made the first big move. It was eventually easy for me to part with heels Louis (vitton) and buy a fannie pack and Sketchers. For Swain, It’s taken him this year to break down and shake up a new mindset.

We’ve eventually agreed that it’s the healthiest. Not to stray too much from the topic of our adventurous and very hectic weekend of traveling, here are some pictures of me and E hikin’ it up in Central/Southern Ohio. I didn’t have as much appreciation for it as I do now.








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