Mini-Moon & Tour de New England ~

ahh. The fresh, new smell of Spring lifts from each blade of grass, seeps through shady tress as streams hum a insightful tune: Warmer weather is here! I love winter, but much like everything else for too long, it gets old. Swain and I took a family vacation (again) to Southern/Central Ohio to visit family and he finished some on-site jobs. We planned on taking a mini honey moon but haven’t thought of a date and a place yet. Well I am excited to announce that we are on our ”mini”moon (mini, because we plan on having an extended honey moon;) because we can!) in the Adirondacks/Lake Placid and then we plan take a tour through Vermont. I was finally able to utilize my Ergo Carrier for Elijah last weekend. A friend and I (and E) took a wonderful hike all around her town and a place called the High Banks, in Worthington Ohio. Eli was extra squirmy at her house so we got out, stuck him in this amazing contraption and he was either bouncing up and down in it, on my back or fast asleep. The kid was MADE to travel with mom and dad. I prayed for this!

Here we are, just before we left our third adventure spot that weekend!

If you haven’t visited The High banks in Worthington (Columbus) Ohio, I recommend it on your next trip. This gorgeous piece of property, 1,159 acres of unstable terrain, shares it’s habitat with Native American history, a fantastic view of the Olentangy river and if you sit and wait at the right time, you can view a brave bald eagle and her nest.




Here are some mountainous views from our suite.

And another of Mirror Lake


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