Pregnancy & Genetics

Friday was the big day: little E had his surgery. As parents, you always think the worst… Well some of us do anyway. Elijah was born with a genetic disorder called Hypospadias. Hypospadias is when the penis doesn’t quite grow the way it should. The reason is genetics. No ones fault or anything. So because he was born crooked, we had to wait 7 months to correct it. Long story short, Elijah kept getting sick just before the surgery (Oct, Nov and Dec 2012) so we had to postpone it….until Friday when he finally accepted that it had to be done. So, here we are, the night before, scrambling ourselves together to prepare for the worst (because he could not eat for 12 hours). Well, he was a trooper. Not only had he not eaten in almost a day, but the doctors were 2 hours behind schedule! So needless to say it wasn’t nearly as scary as we had predicted. He is all fixed, has about a foot of a catheter in him and is cranky at times. To be expected, of course. We caught some cute, playful moments leading up to his admission. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Out for a walk


Catching bubbles with nurse Sue


Took a snooze..


It helped to have amazing pediatric staff. We drove almost 2 hours to Dr Rabinowitz because of his reputation.


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