I Have A (not so) Secret To Lose Inches In One Hour…

Let’s face it: without a good diet and proper exercise, you will not be as healthy a you want. Well, I have stumbled across a hidden gem, an ancient secret, that really isn’t a secret at all, to accompany you during  your healthy lifestyle. I don’t even know where to begin except to sum it up in one sentence:

Bentonite Clay body masks do work!

That being said, Tim and I have a twice a week detox face mask with our extremely luxurious clay mask derived form the Dead Sea itself. So, I was talking to a friend weeks ago about body wraps for weight loose and detoxes, blah blah blah..I am not an advocate for anything other than healthy eating, hard work to get the best results but it had me curious. I thought, ”Well a lot of spas use wraps as a means of fat detox so there has to be something to it.” As I researched, the clay that I have been using, is what they charge hundreds of dollars for detox in day spas! so, I gave it a try! skeptical, I turn the concoction into a paste and slathered it on, waited an hour then took a shower. I thought if it didn’t work it is still a great way to cleanse the skin!

Mind you I measured my thighs/stomach before but because I wasn’t looking for results, I didn’t document it :/ So, it’s pretty much, you will have to take my word for it and try it yourself.

IT WORKS! I lost 3 inches around my waist, showing definition on my abs and 3 inches around my thighs! I put on my old jeans and was able to hike it up OVER My thighs without any trouble! I still have a bit to go, but it works!

Bentonite Clay:

As it does for your face, it will tighten your buttock and thighs, stomach and hips by excreting the access fat through your pores!

You can purchase it here!


Bentonite clay! Ancient Indian Healing Clay
Bentonite clay! Ancient Indian Healing Clay

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