middle of the race

There are plenty of moments in life where you just have to mentally ‘”get there”. You are in a hurry, rushing through all sorts of potentially magnificent things, awaiting that one BIG thing, whatever that is. Then you get there, and wonder why it was so big to you in the first place, regretting circumstances and room for patient improvement.

Well this feeling, middle of the race is nothing like it. You are already at the end of the totem, you have barely little life hanging on, seeping through those once lively bones, you just ran miles for months and BOOM ….. You wake up in the middle of that race; unfortunately you can no longer predict when the race will finally conclude and you can rest comfortably in the chair of your efforts.  Middle of the race is significant to never giving up hope, never allowing yourself to dismiss any possible opportunity for improvement, never letting go of Gods promise to never let YOU go.

That’s what this experience is/was all about for us. The longer we run this race, the faster we shed pounds of baggage we realize we don’t need (and never will), mentally and physically.

That being said, I plan my next significantly happy post to about my new residency: Maine



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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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