What’s All The “Fuzz” About?!

While we hear so many negative stories about food and our government and FDA, here is some interesting and uplifting info that will having you ”popping” your collar too 😉

Go green, go non GMO and go home happy!

According to WSJ reporter Mike Ester, quotes, ”While Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper Snapple have all aggressively expanded their portfolios to include faster-growing products like sports drinks and fruit juices, a prolonged drop in U.S. soda revenues would represent a serious blow,”. Isn’t that sweet?! Here we are, normal people wanting a healthy change and avoiding high-fructose soft drinks and every time we steer clear of them and choose a healthier drink BAM that company gets a lower rating!  That is fantastic news for us Americans! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good soda now and then but there are other sodas that are just as refreshing, satisfying and taste like Summer, without having to be ridden with garbage! Try Organic non gmo sodas like 365, Back To Nature and more!

Keep your chin up! There is still hope when we speak out and open our mouths to organic and fresh drinks and food for the safety of our family ~



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