A Walking 14 Month old, aloe for injuries & afterbirth pain

My baby is officially walking! I didn’t  think that I it would fly by to quickly, but, alas, here it is:) We are still semi jobless although I have consistent work via article writing (yay me!). I am taking a few online courses to brush up on my writing skills so I may get more work but for now this little job is paying off.  I wanted to touch up on a subject that has had me frazzled for nearly a year: Afterbirth pain. You never know what this means UNTIL you have a baby.  As I have stated in the past, the pain doesn’t officially start until 2-3 weeks afterbirth.  For me, it started in my upper back and shot piercing pain through my right foot/leg all the way up.  It was difficult to take deep breathes, sometimes.  I settled it with chiropractic care, which is something I highly recommend for pregnant and non-pregnant women as well.  What it does is realign your whole body from start to finish.  You would be surprised at what just one adjustment can do for digestion, headaches and even infant colic!

Another gem that comes in handy is an aloe vera plant (and simply because it is a nice addition to the look of the room). I bought one the other day because I wanted to start using it with everything and so I started applying it to Elijah’s problem area where he had the surgery and it’s been healing very nicely.



Chiropractic care might not be covered by your insurance but the cost is minimal and every chiropractor can work with you.  I feel like I am repeating a previous blog entry haha so forgive me if I am! Don’t wait for a problem, get adjusted right now!




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