I know I have been absent BUT for a very good reason:)

Experimenting, writing, traveling and soaking up as much of my craft as possible to give you much more prize winning info !

I needed to say this tonight: It’s August 2nd and boy oh boy did Summer fly by (so.sad)!  I have been hard at work. Lots of disappointments and lots of praises and a little bit mediocre but all in all, a great middle of Summer.

Now, for my topic: Haddock! Would you believe that there is much more vitamin b-6 than Talapia?! If you don’t know, B-6 activates a number of nutrients that metabolize nutrients into energy. Haddock also levels the neurotransmitters which control your moods, regulates sleep and body temperature and lowers amino acid homocysteine in your blood. CRAZY stuff, right?!

And it’s CHEAP! A 3oz serving at least twice a week gives you just enough nutrients and vitamins for your recommended intake.




Haddock Nutrition Chart


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wayfarer*health nut*nationally certified fitness coach*writer !

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