The Race Is On…

What a crazy Summer. An unexpected turn of events every day we try to make a plan, ultimately resulting in last minute decisions. My husband is definitely not used to this “fly by” lifestyle.

It has been just crazy. A bitter sweet ending to a nightmare haha (is that even possible?!) We have sold practically everything we own (and then some..). Starting fresh and new is more exciting than get out of this town. So, the race is on, and by mid Sept, we will be touring through Ohio, North and South Carolina and possibly Georgia, on our way to South Florida. The time literally flew by. I remember back in March when jobs were still desolate and talking to Swain about moving to Florida as a last resort. Well, here we are. Anyways, a hiking we will go until then. Speaking of which I found out a new mixture of scents keeps bugs away (and it was all by experiment!)! 


I have an amazing recipe for insect bits. And, unfortunately, you probably wont find it on any website because it’s my own little concoction.

1/2 tbsp lavender essential oil

1/3 tbsp peppermint essential oil

1/2 tbsp of Rose  essential oil (whatever Rose oil you find)

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil (as a carrier oil)

mix parts together and disperse evenly. Insects, especially mosquitoes, HATE the smell of Lavender and Rose, and together they will stay FEET away. I have learned this hard way so I tweaked a recipe my mom gave me and this worked best!





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