What’s in Your Multi?!

So, I am taking a break from writing article assignments and writing an article that interests me. Sometimes, it is just necessary to function and let your brain rest.

I thought about this many a time and I never really touched upon it. I was watching t.v and saw a commercial for NOW B-12. So I thought, ” K. Well, this could be good but why don’t I see commercials for good vitamin companies such as New Chapter?” so I check the ingredients and this is what I find.


Pretty legit, right? seems good, healthy, not a lot of additives…

What got my attention was the words Magnesium Sterate, a food additive to preserve the substance. While some ‘natural additives’ are OK, this, however is not.  If you look on the bottle, the ingredients say in parenthesis vegetable source. However, this is not what you think it means. Some are derived straight from pure vegetable sources but this is made with other harmful compounds such as Calcium Hydroxide, Bisphenol-A and Irganox 1010 ( more info can be found here ).  These substances are harmful to your body when your T cells are trying to fight infection. And this not the only vitamin company that allows such substances…

Bottom line is you get what you pay for. While some NOW vitamins are worth the smaller dollar amount, most vitamins that claim to natural, organic and are ”cheaper” will be stuffed with additives. What’s the sense in taking a vitamin then?! Seriously.

Go for brands that will be higher in price and high in quality. Again, you get what you pay for! Check your labels! If something seems questionable, check it out and ask questions. There is a difference between an expensive item going on sale because it is clearance time and an item being inexpensive all the time.

New Chapter



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