Old, New, What’s In My Food? and ‘Bye Bye Bah’

Geesh. What a month so far, eh? I mean that in the sincerest of good ways, I assure you. While I haven’t been up to much blogging, I have been up to loads of writing. Writing can be a mind-numbing task. Any writer knows exactly what I am talking about. OMG (<— yeah..I went there..) I had a bit of a nervous breakdown last night. It hit me at approximately 8pm that my little E has officially given up his ‘Bah’ (bottle). He is now onto sippy cups! So, I am a little sad! New moms and old moms, you get my drift, right?! 😉

While I have some brand new topics that I will discuss in the later blogging sessions, I want to touch up on an old one. After a recent conversation with my mother (who is a health fanatic, might I add), I have decided that not just one additive but ALL foreign additives in food and bath and body items are evil.

Take the Burts Bees products. While at one point they made products that were distinctly natural in every way, down to the factory that helps produce them, this all changed very quickly. This was at least 14 years ago. Then I read ingredients like sodium benzoate, magnesium aluminum silicate and sodium stearoyl lactylate, to name a few in their completely natural products! While they all are small amounts that are added to hand and body lotion, facial cleanser and even the Baby Bee line (baby care products), The Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Material Safety states that when sodium stearoyl lactylate  is ingested or applied, it may cause irritation in the throat and mouth. This is a product that is in generic bread too. Watch what bread you buy. 

All I am saying is that if we resort to buying completely natural (and I mean the ingredients in a product have to 100% organic) products (or make your own), you are less likely to have any allergies related to chemicals. Now, allergies related to organic materials such as olive oils and nuts and wheat, that is a different story but more likely to be detected without all of the other junk in a product that you are ingesting or applying to bare skin.

What products are you using!? I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil! It rids stretch marks of any kind, skin irritations and dryness!






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