You CAN Make More Money At Home!!

OK, people. Don’t worry, I am not going to promote something I am not involved with, I think ya’ll know that about me by now 😉  Who Wants to make more money? Who wants a better career? and who wants to stay-at-home with baby? If you have answered, “I DO!” with a heap of excitement, boy have I got some news for you….

Whilst settling in my own deception, sifting out jobs (local and out of state), applying and getting nowhere, I have stumbled across two websites that lead me in the direction I wanted (and needed) to go. Low and behold, I was quite surprised and relieved to see that nowadays, you CAN work from home, get that extra income and become successful! I know a while back (like 15 years or so), if you saw ‘work-form-home’ you would immediately think “SCAM!” because it usually was. Well, these lovely ladies (and gents) have put together entire websites dedicated to WAH jobs. They go out of their to find the best, legitimate way to make a solid income at home!

Take me, for example. I am writer, published author of many articles. Without an major degree in writing, it is hard for me to find legitimate writing jobs but with these two information sources, I was able to find entry level positions to jump-start my career as a writer. So, now not only am I stay-at-home mom BUT I am a work-at-home mom too!

So, without further ed due, please welcome the two of the best sources (so far) on the web:

Work At Home Adventures

Work At Home Mom Revolution  – (same people as the one above, just different name, different set up)

Just search within their options for the “New Job Openings” tab and you can find what you are looking for. Here is a general breakdown of what they might have.

  • Customer Service call center jobs
  • Online Blogging
  • baby/house/pet sitting
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Writer/editing
  • Tech/computer call center

and more! I didn’t even begin to brush the surface so take a look for yourself! Like I said, everything is entry level with room for improvement. There is something for everyone out there  you just have to look!



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