The Bold, The Beautiful and The Neglected ~

If you live in America, you know that there is a grocery, a mall and gas station right around the corner.  As Americans, we are blessed. Blessed is a word that is smothered by ‘lucky’ as if luck has everything to do with how we survive in this country. Whether you are a believer in Jesus, God or another deity, you know how blessed you truly are to be in this country (despite what political status certain leaders may hold and whatnot).

When I was a little girl, I lived in a big farm house on vast landscape with lots of Willows and Pines, coyotes and cows and lots and lots of moonlight. I remember the moon and the feelings of blatant openness. During my time living there (we moved often), I would sit right by the window that most exposed the moon because of its welcoming light. I remember often being wakened by sadness. not for anything that had to do with me or my family; I was blessed to have had what I had at 9 years old. The sadness was stirred up by the thought of children my own age or younger, not having the blessings that I had. Not being able to sleep peacefully. Not being able to go to bed without the feeling that abuse was lurking at the door. Not being sure that they would have a warmer place to sleep. Not being sure that their next meal wouldn’t come from a sewage dump. Not being sure who would be the next monster that they may have to sleep with.

As I woke up under my sheets, in a cozy and warm and quiet room, both of my loving parents just a room away, someone was not feeling that sense of security. And it broke my heart. every. single. night. And I cried every. single. night, by the window under the moonlight.

I didn’t know why I felt this way or what to do but I knew that I could pray for Jesus to send them help and comfort and the good guys to rescue them. My point for expressing this is to say that we live in a pretty messed up world but we also live in a beautiful one. If you are reading this, you are probably in school, in nice clothes and shoes with a nice PC and/or phone. Or you are like me, at home with the kid(s), working on your PC or playing with the children, showing them what love means.  Whatever your scenario, nowadays it is easy to be an advocate for children and young woman who are victims of abuse, neglect and poverty.

When I was pregnant in 2011, I took a course with the department of children and families in a small town in Ohio. I hated living there but I knew I had no choice at that time so I filled it wisely. I got involved with an adoption and crisis agency to advocate for the children in that county that have nothing but hardship. I saw first hand that even in our own home town, these children are victims of abuse of all kinds. From dirty, varmint infested houses, to parents that physically abuse their children. If it wasn’t for my pregnancy, I would have gone into deeper investigation. Instead, I kept taking free courses online and attending meetings in town to gain credits so that when I was ready, I can apply these credits towards volunteering, making my volunteer work engaging and personal should I be stationed with a troubled child.

That being said, I did the work for you! I have gone through every state that has a child crisis advocacy program. They are ALWAYS looking to expand their team of volunteers/workers. Below are listed by state and where to call.

I have believed this from day one, if you volunteer just a small dose of your time (this can even be phone time!), it makes all the difference in a young persons life. They can feel that hope and sense of security and placement that was stripped from them. Just think back to a person in your life that gave you that hope as a child. Maybe it was a teacher or a grandparent. Not everyone is blessed with a warm bed, food and loving adults to watch over them!

There is so much to do nowadays! So many ways to help! I am excited to finally be a part of these little ones lives and even bring my son to help share this love.

Everyone needs love!


C’mon and put yourself to a different kind of use 😀 Helping a friend is always nice but helping someone you don’t know (maybe even with that friend!) is such a great feeling!!

The National Children’s Advocacy Center has a slue of online resources from state to state hands on volunteer ops to online training courses! Here are some helpful links to get ya’ll started:










North Carolina:


South Carolina:




West Virginia:

Online Training is always available through the NCAC !

The NCAC also has a place that you can search for organizations within your state/county!

I’ve made it that much more simple for ya 😉 Whether you can donate a phone call, your time or even bring your kiddos to reach out to another child, you will be flippin glad ya did!!



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