A Plate Packed with Power!!

If you know me, you know that I can come up with SOMETHING fitness and health related for (almost) EVERYONE. Discounting the handful of individuals that cannot physically perform exercise, I usually just assume they don’t care too much to put in the effort. Well, during my months in NY, I was introduced to a machine so mind-blowing, so jaw-dropping and so freaking amazing, that I was actually intimidated!

Power Plate USA

The Power Plate is a vibrating machine that is used during exercise. It’s main purpose is to create muscle and blood to flow throughout your body and increase oxygen/carbon dioxide, micro and macro nutrients, waste and much more. The founder of the Power Plate came from genius himself, Dutch Olympic Trainer Guus Van der Meer.  He noticed that the Russian Cosmonauts used vibration in rehab to combat muscle and bone loss due to extended stays in zero gravity.

That being said, sports and fitness athletes, Olympic athletes and celebrities all over the world are diving into this new health machine!

The Power Plate

How Do I Use It?

Strength training, massage and more! You can use it to sweat those extra calories, rehab for injury or surgery, core, legs, glutes, you name it! All body parts and forms of exercise are welcomed but only once you have been properly introduced to the machine by a certified trainer.

So what Are the Benefits?

According to the Journal of Strength and Condition, by adding whole body vibration to your short-term resistance training, this vibrating Acceleration training offers 57% in weight loss!

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research suggests that the Power Plate leads to an increase in hip bone density, increase in muscle strength and postural control in postmenopausal woman.

International Journal of Exercise Science finds that the Power Plate is a helpful tool that aids in muscle endurance in the upper body.

WOW, right?!

These Power houses are hitting gyms all over the U.S and Canada so the next time you’re with your trainer or at your local gym, ask them about the Power Plate !

Have more questions? Want to find a Power Plate trainer near you? No problem! More info here !



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